About Us

If you’re ready to dive into something completely new and exciting, our Bayou Escape Rooms are for you. Try to escape our mind-melting real-life rooms by solving hands-on puzzles and brain-bending riddles. You’ve only got one hour to bust out of the Bayou Escape Room’s exhilarating, experiential escape games. Sound like something out of a movie? That’s right — it is like a movie, starring YOU and your friends!

The Bayou Escape Room is Louisiana’s #1 live-action room escape game service. Find out if you and your crew have what it takes to unravel mysteries, crack codes, and string together scattered clues to break out of your “prison” and regain your freedom!

Featuring several brain-tingling games, Bayou Escape Rooms gives you the chance to do something awesome with friends, build team morale and enjoy awe-inspiring real-life puzzles.

Offering something completely different from the Lake Charles typical “scene,” our games “trap” you in a room where nothing is as it appears. Every object you touch and see is a clue, but are you clever enough to work out what it all means? Use the power of teamwork to dig your way out as fast as possible and you will win!

Think Fast – Think Fun!

Bayou Escape Room’s affordable escape rooms are a unique way to increase self-esteem, build bonds, test problem-solving skills and BREAK OUT OF ORDINARY! The thrilling games we create are perfect for friends, family, couples, gamers, sports teams, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate teambuilding and special events. Each situational game presents you with intriguing challenges and requires intense collaboration for success!