Do you have what it takes to Escape Bayou Escape Rooms in Lake Charles?

Looking for something different to do in Lake Charles?

Try our Escape Rooms! Race against the clock looking for clues and solving puzzles all while locked in a room with the team of your choice! Escape rooms are great for Families, Friends, and Coworkers trying to unplug, reconnect, and to strengthen your team work and communication skills. This fun, interactive and exciting challenge is designed for small groups, you and your friends have one hour to solve the puzzle and escape one of the four rooms of your choice.

Here at Bayou Escape Rooms in Lake Charles we push your mental, communication, and teamwork skills. Communication among your team is a must. Everybody thinks differently and that is an asset. In our rooms you’ll have to work as a team with no distractions to locate hidden objects, decipher clues, solve puzzles, and unlock locks to earn your teams freedom from the room.

So what are you waiting for? Times ticking. Book one of our four amazing rooms today right here at Bayou Escape Rooms in Lake Charles. Check out our rooms below to start your next adventure.

Games for Bayou Escape Room in Lake Charles


Difficulty Level: Hard

It’s time for your 30-year class reunion at Myrtle Springs High School. Elliott Kingsley, one of your former classmates, is now the principal and he has big plans for this reunion. Some people just can’t let go of the past…

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Dead & Breakfast

Difficulty Level: Easy

Caught in torrential rains, you seek shelter at a small bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere. You can’t believe your good luck!! The owner offers the room at no charge. Although you are suspicious, you accept his offer. It is not until he closes and LOCKS the door behind you that you realize things are not what they seem. Will you be able to escape the room in an hour or less?

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Boudreaux’s Diner

Difficulty Level: Medium 

Boudreaux’s Diner is known for its wonderful food and secret recipes. The year is 1955. You are enjoying a quick meal at Boudreaux’s when the restaurant is filled with a gas that renders you unconscious! You wake up in the storage room and discover a secret recipe has been stolen and you are the only witness. You must escape to help the police find the culprits and keep the recipe from being sold.


Difficulty Level: Intermediate (Medium/Hard)

You stumble upon an underground casino while on a road trip. While inside, you realize that the casino doesn’t play by the rules. After questioning the owner about it, he laughs and gives you one chance to earn your money back. Will you lose your money or catch the cheater?